Our Approach

Our Proven Methodology

Discovery Call
This is a 30 minute introduction call where we simply get to know each other. We discuss your business, what is most important to you, your exit strategy goals and any questions you may have about the sales process. If you are interested in moving forward, we then request a few financial documents to begin the process.
Certified Business Valuation
We will perform a financial review of your documents and determine the maximum value of your business. Once our analysis is complete, we will present you a game plan that will outline the value of your business, where we believe we can take it to market, who your buyer will most likely be, and what we think the structure of the deal would look like. At this point, you can decide to move forward, you will sign an Engagement Agreement with RBA.
Comprehensive & Customized Marketing
Our marketing team will work to create an Offering Memorandum to be confidentially shared with pre-screened buyers upon their signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Next, we will develop a targeted marketing plan to ensure your business is front and center to the right buyers, including our database of pre-qualified restoration buyers.
Buyer Qualification
We conduct a comprehensive screening process to qualify buyers interested in your business. This includes analyzing their ability to buy, a reference check, and a buyer profile. Through our finance partners, we also assist in the buyer’s due diligence process to secure financing with a bank while anticipating, and providing answers to questions from the buyer’s CPA.
After a qualified and interested buyer is identified, they submit an Offer to Purchase or “Letter of Intent.” Then you will go through the due diligence process, which allows the buyer to confirm the information presented about the business.
We serve as a central point of contact for both sides of the transaction. We arrange the details of closing to ensure a successful close and transfer of your business.
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What's Different About Us

Straight Talk

We value relationships over transactions. We have no interest in trying to convince you to use us or overpromising results. Nor do we want to make the process more complicated than it is. Our process is simple. But that doesn’t mean it is easy.

Selling your business is an emotional journey. We know you have worked hard to build it to what it is today, and greatly value the employees and team you have created. That is why we tell you like it is, providing our honest feedback, guidance, and the resources and knowledge to achieve the max value of your company. 

Industry Expertise & Experience

Restoration is unique and it’s all we do. With over $550 Million in transactions, we understand restoration and how to help the right buyers and sellers connect for the best possible outcomes. We are THE restoration experts. 

A common mistake business owners make is letting a general business broker handle the sale of their restoration business. Trying to explain TPA to a broker who typically sells restaurants or gyms, won’t work. The restoration industry has distinctive language and features, and we know how to best market your business in the restoration space. 

Value Drivers

We know what it takes to sell a business for maximum value. Over our years of experience, we’ve distilled the bestselling businesses down to our Six Value Drivers that must be “in the green” in our assessments. 
We care about our buyers too. Our team looks at how to maximize your financial accounts, business growth, revenue structures, standard operating procedure documentation, and more so that when you hand off your business to the buyer, you hand off a well-run business that will lead to a smooth transition for your employees under new ownership.

RBA Coaching Support

We are so much more than your typical brokerage firm. If we determine through the valuation process that your business is not yet ready to sell or you have another valuation listing price in mind, RBA will set up a custom “1-3-5 Plan” for you to implement. 
We get that the strengths that got your business where it is today, may not be the skills you need to devise an exit strategy. Through RBA’s Partnership Pros Program, we share our team with your team. We have a list of preferred partners that will work alongside you to turn your business around in 6-24 months.  

Pre-Qualified Buyer Database

Most generalist brokers will parade your business in front of 40+ buyers on average and will often not have an offer that meets your expectations. 
We, on the other hand, have the largest, pre-qualified database of restoration business buyers that we pre-screen before ever connecting with a seller to ensure they are best aligned for an optimal outcome. As a result, on average, we connect our sellers with six buyers before receiving an offer and in less time than a generalist broker.